Monday, April 30, 2007

Inventory Features - 8 reasons to try it

1) Start and stop virtual machines in a convenient way. Just like in VMware Workstation or VMware Server.

2) Edit virtual machine settings. With usual VMware interface.
3) Add, remove and configure virtual hardware.

4) Automatic inventory population. Inventory automatically searches for virtual machines on your computer at startup. If you launch a new virtual machine it will be automativally added to inventory too.
5) Mount virtual machines disks to your host system. The simple way to access data on your virtual machines. Mounting means the new disk drive appears in the host system wich you can use to read/write data as a generic disk drive.

6) Save taskbar space. Inventory will hide unnecessary Players windows if you like. All the Players are easily accessed in any time through the Inventory menu.

7) Tray visualization for launched virtual machines.

8) Problem machine configuration auto-detect and auto-fix. Sometimes virtual machine runs with VMware Server or VMware Workstation, but refuses to start when using VMware Player. Inventory automatically detects possible problems and fixes them.


kerryrwilson said...

downloaded VMWare Inventory and got the tray icon and it is working but VMWare is still in the taskbar, any way to get it out of the taskbar?

Oleg said...

Try to use "Hide player windows" button (bottom-right corner of the window)